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Dennis Ford is an entrepreneur, author, and thought leader with expertise in sales, marketing, and business development. He has spent most of his career launching new companies and developing a market for nascent game-changing technologies. In recent years, he has worked extensively with global alternative investors interested in high-growth early-stage technologies. His expertise encompasses using database subscription services to create business solutions and using the Internet to create an interactive dialogue between buyers and sellers. He is a big proponent of using profiling and matching technology to find that all-important business fit in the marketing and selling process.


Ford is the author of The Peddler’s Prerogative and The Fund Manager’s Marketing Manifesto, two well-received sales and marketing books. His latest book is The Life Science Executive’s Fundraising Manifesto.


Ford teaches Entrepreneurship Sales & Marketing to undergraduate and graduate students at the University of Massachusetts Boston. He also sits on the Mentoring Board of the Entrepreneurship Center at UMass Boston, a venture start-up incubator that brings together venture capital firms, UMass students, and start-up companies to launch new businesses. 



Robert Cohen, Tom Crosby, Jack Fuller, Nono Hu, Maximilian Klietmann,

Gerard O’Connor, Lucy Parkinson, Danielle Silva, and Alejandro Zamorano

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